Exclusively from the Southern Lithoplate & ECRM partnership

For select ECRM owners the program includes:
  • On-site an machine assessment
  • Full refurbishment with new ECRM original parts as needed
  • Re-certification of your device
  • Comprehensive parts warranty & choice of terms
  • Low, very affordable, minimal monthly cost

Good News! This program’s end date has been extended, so if you missed visiting this site previously, there is still time to act.

If your aging ECRM device is out of warranty or nearing the end of warranty, we have good news!



LifeXtender is a new program presented by Southern Lithoplate's SLP Solutions, the leading prepress service organization in the industry and by ECRM, the leading violet plate CtP technology provider.


If you’re like most newspapers, you probably cannot justify nor even budget the capital funds to buy a new or refurbished prepress.

But no doubt, you are losing sleep just about every night fearing your prepress may not continue to provide dependable day-in, day-out performance.

And, as veteran production managers know, platesetter downtime for even a day can have dramatic financial impact.

LifeXtender is everything you need to extend the life of your existing CtP without having to worry about emergency service calls in the middle of the 2nd shift, the financial impact of lost production or unhappy advertisers and readers.

Here’s How LifeXtender™ Works

SLP’s highly regarded professional support team conducts an operational assessment of your currently operating ECRM NEWS, NEWSmatic 60 or NEWSmatic 250 CtP that is either nearing or currently out of warranty.

If parts are required to repair a machine, our team will install genuine ECRM OEM parts, billed at normal rates, and then test and confirm the machine is running to published specifications.
2ECRM issues a device recertification, documenting the machine qualifies for a parts contract and warranty.
3You select the term of the warranty/parts contract that fits yours needs at a very affordable monthly payment. And then you and the owners start sleeping again!

AFFORDABLE monthly terms that fit your budget and your planned extended lifetime for your device

There is a 1-time $4500 charge by ECRM for re-certification of the qualifying machine for the LifeXtender Parts Warranty.

If parts are required to repair a machine, our team will install genuine ECRM OEM parts, billed at normal rates, and then test and confirm the machine is running to published specifications.

LifeXtender™ Parts Warranty Options for Re-Certified ECRM CtPs
Eligible DevicesMonthly Payment
4-Year Option3-Year Option2-Year Option
NEWSmatic 60$600$645$690
NEWSmatic 250$645$690$740


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And the best news is, you won’t lose sleep over possible machine downtime or from dealing with costly emergency repairs and lost production.

Plus, owners don’t have to come up with hard-to-come-by capital funding to purchase a new or newly refurbished machine! Your budget is saved. Their budget is saved! You all sleep better! And to help you sleep even better, SLP, an American owned and operated company, will send you as a new LifeXtender customer, a genuine Classic Series standard/queen pillow from another highly respected American company, MyPillow®… just for signing up!

Contact Us

Call Gary Blakeley at Southern Lithoplate, before the calendar or your fiscal year ends, for the full details of the LifeXtender program to help you determine the optimum length of time for extending the life of your aging ECRM CtP device.


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